The future in my dreams

İsmail Enes Ayhan

I am a curious person who loves to produce, I constantly research technology and read books.I watch movies and play computer games in my spare time. My hobbies are cycling, photography and tracking planes. We find new ideas and try to produce something with Beyza. We follow technology with my friends and try to keep up. I’m married and live in Kayseri

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UX & UI Designer

Erciyes Anadolu Holding / 2019

I design ERP, CRM, B2B, B2C interfaces and experience design for 30 sub-companies. I maintain corporate websites, mobile applications and front-end development projects.

We earned TS ISO IEC 15504 / SPICE International software development certification. I’m learning UX and UI trainings from various sources.

Graphic Designer

Bedirhan International Logistic / 2017

I designed ERP interface and experience designs, MailChimp integrations for marketing and corporate website designs.

Graphic Designer

Freelancer / 2012

I designed the websites of companies in various sectors in the country, especially in the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. Behind many large software and projects are my designs. Design agencies are still working with me.

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Graphic Design

Erciyes University, Faculty of Fine Arts / 2015

I made researches and designs on user interface designs and experiences, besides my artistic works. I designed a website for Fuat Sezgin commemoration events and received praise and congratulations from the rector of Erciyes University.

Electronic Technology

Seyyid Burhaneddin High School / 2010

I was successful in circuit board design and technical drawing in Electric & Electronic technology. I got an award by starring in a theater play in high school, I also continued to sell websites as a freelancer.